Training and Seminars

I come from a family that loves the stage. My grandmother played in the first Turkish operetta with Atatürk in the audience. I spent my childhood with dreams of becoming like her and being on the stage. I haven’t had any stage experience but I sometimes had the chance to tell the stories of our women abroad and I sometimes served as spokesperson for the stories of brands.

A story becomes valuable when shared in person. Therefore, I actually want to spend my life telling stories.

I don’t only offer training or give a seminar when I travel across Anatolia and tell women my own story as an entrepreneur, or when I tell employees in a company that they are brand ambassadors. Together, we create new stories and learn from each other. Everybody makes their own story. I share these stories with the society, and draw commonalities from experiences. It is this act of sharing that makes our stories valuable. We grow richer the more we share and the more we listen. We start with individual experiences and generate a pool of common experiences which many people can draw from.